The Best Electric Scooters For Heavy Adults

Electric scooters are fast becoming the new car, and it's hard to remember life without them. Not only are these genius electric devices highly portable and convenient, but they're also environmentally friendly and more cost-effective.

There are plenty of e-scooters around, but many think heavier riders can't use them. Well, we've got news for you - you absolutely can!

In this guide, we'll explore everything you should look for when finding a scooter for your size and reveal our top picks.

Let's go!

Things to Consider When Buying an Electric Scooter For Heavy Adults

When it comes to finding a scooter that suits heavier adults, there are some things you need to consider - such as suspension, tires, and deck size. It's important to remember that you'll need to find a great electric scooter with stronger features as a heavier adult.

Deck Size: Does It Matter?

Deck size is important in some ways, but perhaps not in others. For example, if you have more body weight than the average person, you could still stand on a standard-sized deck and won't have to worry about space issues.

However, if you're taller than average or have a larger shoe size, you need to find a deck that accommodates you. Essentially, there's no right or wrong when it comes to the size of your deck, but it's always best to find something that meets your needs.

Scooter Strength

The strength of your scooter - including the deck will be the defining factor on whether it's suitable for you to ride. The maximum load capacity is essential because it determines how much weight your scooter can take.

You also have to factor in other items you'll have on you, such as groceries, mobile phones, protective clothing, and accessories. Scooter load capacity is essential, so it's always best to buy one that exceeds your weight and will accommodate other items.


As with the other elements of your electric scooter, the power is influenced by weight. You'll need to make sure your scooter has enough power to perform well, regardless of your weight, and some people buy mid-range models, only to find they don't get the same use as someone of lower body weight.

It's best to check the peak output of each scooter because it will give you a clearer idea of how yours will navigate up hills. Hill climbing ability is essential for off-road and city riders, and a scooter designed to navigate inclines will serve you better than the average e-scooter.

As riders of a heavier weight will also require more power, they'll drain their battery quicker, so a larger battery capacity is also a good idea.

Top Speeds and Maximum Range

An electric scooter's advertised range and top speed depend on numerous factors, and many manufacturers will overstate their scooter's ability.

For example, a scooter with a 30-mile-per-hour speed and 40 miles of range might only apply if you ride on completely flat terrain and are lightweight.

Heavier riders won't get as much speed or range from their scooter, so if you're looking for ride quality, it's best to be realistic and understand that your chosen scooter might not perform as well as advertised.


As many manufacturers will agree, speed and range are critical, but a scooter's true selling feature will always be its brakes. If the braking power isn't the best, it could be a hazard for you - and other road users.

In general, there are four different types of braking systems, and each has its advantages. Most people would agree that hydraulic brakes are best for high-speed scooters, with disc and drum brakes being popular.

Some scooters have front or rear brakes, but the best scooters usually include dual brakes, which offer a better experience. Electric braking systems are also popular but should always be paired with other brake types in high-speed models.

Premium scooters might have a triple braking system, but these will be more expensive than most other models.


Suspension is essential for larger adults, as it improves the ride quality and absorbs vibrations when you ride over rough terrain. Most electric scooters come with suspension, and the amount will often depend on the tires.

Pneumatic tires are filled with air, offering more suspension for heavier riders. However, these tires also require more maintenance and can puncture easily. Solid tires provide higher levels of durability, so they might be a better idea for heavy riders - as long as the scooter has more suspension features.

The three most popular types of suspension are rubber, spring, and hydraulic. Both spring and hydraulic suspension are more popular, and dual spring suspension is a common feature in premium electric scooters.

Heavy-duty scooters with a high max load capacity will have better suspension, but you should still check with the manufacturer if you want to make sure the model you like is suitable for you.

If you decide on air-filled tires, remember to check your scooter for punctures regularly, and maintain your tires because if they're not inflated properly, it will impact the battery life.

The Best Heavy-Duty Electric Scooters

So, now you know more about the things you should look for when buying a scooter that suits your body weight, it's time to reveal our top picks for e-scooters that fit heavier adults.

These scooters will suit a range of budgets, bodyweights, and style preferences. So sit back, relax and get ready to choose between these amazing models.

Kaabo Mantis

Max Weight - 264 lbs

Price -$1907

Range -39.8 km

Max Speed -53.8 km/h

Climbing Abilities -Good

Kaabo is known for creating power scooters, and the Mantis is no exception. If you're looking for a sleek electric scooter with winning features, this expertly designed model won't let you down. It's perfect for heavier riders, and you'll have no problems getting up hills - and the front and rear swing suspension offers heavier riders a smooth ride.

You can generally charge the electric scooter in around eight hours, but you can cut that time in half if you have a fast charger. Large pneumatic tires will tackle all types of terrain, and this scooter is ideal for street riding.

So, is there a compromise? Well, the Kaabo Mantis lacks waterproofing features, which is fine if you live in a warm state that doesn't get much rain - but if you're looking for a highly durable e-scooter, you might be best with another model.

EMove Cruiser

Max Weight - 352 lbs

Price - $1643

Range - 68.9 km

Max Speed - 35.9 km/h

Climbing Abilities - Good

Who hasn't heard of the EMove Cruiser? This electric scooter often finds a place in reviews because it offers so much for its price. While it's not a low-budget scooter, the Cruiser has so many benefits, and it's a favorite for heavy adults.

Anyone up to 352 lbs can enjoy this scooter, and it won't let you down if you use it for general riding or your daily commute. Perhaps the most impressive feature is the whopping 68.9 km range (42 miles).

You can go far on just one charge, and another benefit is the IPX6 rating, which is higher than many e-scooters out there.

The one drawback of the EMove Cruiser is its hill climbing ability. While it's not bad, other models with more powerful motors can navigate steeper hills; you might have some issues and will need to put in some extra effort.

But, for everything else this scooter offers, getting up hills might be a compromise you're willing to make.


Max Weight - 330 lbs

Price - $5199

Range - 72.9 km

Max Speed - 82.3 km/h

Climbing Abilities - Excellent

Another electric scooter with a monster range is the NAMI Burn-E, which offers 72 km (44 miles) on one charge. For this reason, it's perfect for commuters or people with busy lives that don't have the time to charge their scooters each day.

The max speed of this scooter is somewhat debatable, with some individuals claiming it can reach speeds of 60 miles per hour. However, the average max speed seems to sit around the 82 km/h (60 mph) mark.

So, what's the first thing most notice about this scooter? Yep, it's the price! The NAMI Burn-E has premium features, translating into a massive price tag. For anyone on a budget, this scooter isn't going to be suitable. But if you've got money to burn, NAMI is up there with the best of them.

It also features adjustable hydraulic suspension and can handle off-road riding. Some commuters or street riders might find the e-scooter too powerful - but if you love a thrilling experience, you can't go wrong with this beast.

Hiboy S2

Max Weight - 264 lbs

Price - $431

Range - 17.4 km

Max Speed - 25.9 km/h

Climbing Abilities - Poor

When you're on a very low budget, it's hard to find an electric scooter that's suitable for adults - especially heavier individuals. Well, the Hiboy S2 is essentially the compromise between spending a lot of money or settling for a cheap scooter with no features.

Compared to others in its price range, this scooter offers a lot of bang for its buck, including an impressive rider weight limit of 264lbs! The range and speed aren't too remarkable, but this scooter will serve the average commuter well.

With its low price, you're not going to get a great speed and range, but the Hiboy S2 does have dual spring suspension and features low-maintenance solid tires - which some riders prefer over pneumatics.

We have to be honest, though, and heavier riders will find they struggle to get up slopes with motor power alone, but this is a great starter scooter if you're working with a low budget.

Kaabo Wolf King

Max Weight - 330 lbs

Price - $3815

Range - 45.7 km

Max Speed - 81 km/h

Climbing Abilities - Excellent

Kaabo never disappoints, and it's always a joy to see a power e-scooter manufacturer stick to its guns in terms of design elements. There's nothing sleek about the Wolf King, but it was designed for heavier riders, and it certainly looks like it can handle pretty much anything!

Does the functionality live up to them in your face design? Let's find out.

Lighter riders will get breakneck speeds, but the Wolf King has been tested for heavier riders, and we can reveal it can reach speeds of 81 km/h or 50 miles per hour. With an equally impressive range, you can get a lot of use from this electric scooter, and while it has a hefty price tag - it's cheaper than other power scooters and performs better!

The Kaabo Wolf King will serve you well as a leisure scooter with excellent hydraulics and superior climbing ability. However, commuters might find it too bulky to move around and want to explore a sleeker model.

Apollo Explore

Max Weight - 264 lbs

Price - $1507

Range - 38.5 km

Max Speed - 40.9 km/h

Climbing Abilities - Good

Apollo is renowned for its mid-range electric scooters, and the Explore is perfect for commuters. With an excellent range for its price tag and a decent maximum speed, you'll get a lot of value for money and enjoy an impressive experience.

Perhaps the best thing about this scooter is its impressive disc brakes, which are often regarded as the best braking system you can find in an electric scooter. It has decent hill-climbing abilities but is primarily designed to be a city scooter, so while you can get up slopes with ease, it won't perform as well as power scooters.

Overall, the Apollo Explorer is a good choice if you're looking for a mid-range scooter. It's not the best performer but will serve any city rider well.

Unagi Model One

Max Weight - 280 lbs

Price - $990

Range - 25 km

Max Speed - 32.1 km/h

Climbing Abilities - Excellent

Unagi is well-known as the scooter manufacturer that doesn't skimp on special features - but still retains its reasonable price tag. The Model One was designed to be the perfect commuter/city electric scooter, and the first thing you'll notice is its impressively sleek frame.

With a maximum rider weight of 280lbs, this scooter might look sleek and stylish, but it can still accommodate individuals of a heavier weight. You can also benefit from a short charging time of 4-5 hours, which is ideal if you're busy.

What makes the Model One shine is its hill climbing ability. For an e-scooter in this price range, the 15-degree incline makes city riding a breeze, and even heavier riders will be able to make it up slopes without exerting themselves.

Functionality and sheer style are the key features here, and any commuter will have no issues cruising into their office on an Unagi. One further benefit is the 30-day trial, which enables you to try the scooter and then decide if you want to keep it.

EMove Touring

Max Weight - 308 lbs

Price - $999

Range - 26 km

Max Speed - 29 km/h

Climbing Abilities - Good

Are you looking for a comfortable electric scooter that is highly portable? Welcome to the Apollo Touring scooter, designed to live up to its name. The main selling feature here is the huge deck, which goes above and beyond what you'd expect for this portable scooter.

But what about performance? Well, the Apollo Touring is relatively run of the mill in terms of hill climbing abilities and maximum speed. It's a great ride if you're looking for a scooter that can handle bumpy roads and curbs due to the suspension - but it can seem a bit lackluster when compared with other models.

Which Is The Best Electric Scooter Overall?

When choosing the best electric scooter for your needs, there are many things to consider - and heavier riders have a lot of options. Here are the best electric scooters for different purposes to make it easier for you.

Best Off-Road

It's no secret that Kaabo designs powerful electric scooters, and their Wolf King model is ideal for off-roading. It's a heavy-duty electric scooter that won't fail you, and the sheer speed and range along with its hydraulics mean you can get an incredible experience.

Best City/Commuter E-Scooter For Heavy Adults

Two electric scooters are perfect for commuters, including the Unagi Model One and Apollo Explore. Both are high-functioning models that offer a superior experience.

The Unagi Model One is more cost-effective and perfect for commuters. It also accommodates heavier riders, and the design is sleeker than Apollo's Explore.

Best Budget Electric Scooter

Budget scooters aren't meant to have all of the bells and whistles, but the Hiboy S2 comes pretty close! It will never perform as well as other scooters, but it has a decent maximum weight capacity and impressive specs.


Hopefully, this guide gives you some great ideas about the best electric scooter for your needs. Heavier adults can still benefit from this convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transportation, so don't be afraid to look around and find an e-scooter for heavy adults that will last a long time.

A folding electric scooter is best for commuters, and many of the sleek scooters in this post have that function. For power riding, feel free to choose the biggest, baddest beast you can find - just make sure you can handle it!

Countries worldwide are embracing electric scooters, and we're confident that they'll soon become the best way to get around.