The Heaviest Electric Scooters - How much do they weigh and what are they like to ride?

The weight of an electric scooter is a big deal. Not only does it affect the performance of the scooter, it also impacts its portability, as well as its safety.

How much do electric scooters weigh?

The average weight of an electric scooter depends on the type of scooter, motor power, and the battery capacity.

The heavier the motor, the more energy it takes to move your scooter forward. This means that a powerful motor will weigh more than a less powerful one.

Similarly, the larger your battery capacity is—that is, how many miles can be traveled before needing to recharge or replace it—the heavier your scooter will be overall since there will be more material inside (again, though, this could result in longer distances covered before running out of juice).

On average, electric scooters typically weight between 25 and 50 lbs, with some dual-motor models such as those from Segway and Xiaomi weighing over 60 lbs.

A popular lightweight commuter electric scooter such as the Unagi Model One, on the other hand, weighs in at 26.5 lbs.

So don't assume that the weight of a scooter is an indicator of quality. Heavier doesn't necessarily mean better!

Three types of electric scooter

The electric scooter industry is divided into three categories:

  • Kick scooters are the lightest. They have an average weight of 16 pounds and a maximum speed of 15 mph.
  • Commuter scooters fall in the middle, with an average weight of 24 pounds and a maximum speed of 20 mph.
  • Heavy-duty scooters are among the heaviest, weighing in at about 66 pounds on average and capable of reaching speeds up to 25 mph

Kick scooters

Kick scooters weigh the least, at under 20 lbs. They are best for kids or shorter commutes and are not built for cruising at high speeds.

Kick scooters are typically meant for children, or people who need a lightweight mode of transportation to get from one place to another.

They're also great for short trips around town, since they don't take up much space in your car trunk and can be folded up when they're not in use. However, kick scooters aren't built to be used by adults or those who want to go on long jaunts through their city—they simply aren't sturdy enough.

Commuter scooters

Commuter scooters weigh 20 to 45 lbs on average and have the best tradeoff between price, power and portability. They are used for work commutes and leisure rides within a few miles of home.

Their range is usually 8-15 miles, depending on the model and speed. They're most frequently used for work commutes and leisure rides within a few miles of home.

Heavy duty electric scooters

Heavy-duty scooters weigh 50 lbs + on average and have very powerful motors that can take you almost anywhere at speed. They tend to be more expensive than other types of electric scooters and can offer superior ride quality (in comparison to cheap lightweight scooters) as well as range.

Heavy scooters are also known as "heavy-duty" or "touring" electric scooters, because they can carry heavier weight loads and travel long distances (60+ miles for some models).

Why does the weight of an electric scooter matter?

The weight of a scooter is just as important as its size because the weight not only affects the scooter's performance, but its safety when being ridden too.

In fact, there are several reasons why you might want to know how much your electric scooter weighs:

  • Safety. This is probably the main reason why the weight of an electric scooter matters. Riders need to be able to control their ride and feel confident in their vehicle's performance. If a scooter is too light or too heavy for rider, they won't be totally in control of it. BUT and this is a big but, that doesn't mean that heavy electric scooters are designated electric scooters for heavy adults. And lightweight scooters are for lighter adults. Far from it.
  • Portability. Transporting your scooter may require lifting or carrying it at some point in its life. If you can't lift it, carrying it if it breaks down is going to be problematic. Plus, if your new ride is too heavy for you to lift or carry, it could cause problems if you ever need to move it quickly. Or, heaven forbid, it should fall on you during an accident - could you push it off you?
  • Storage space. On average, the heavier an electric scooter is, the bigger it is. And if you live in a one bed apartment with limited space, where are you going to store your behemoth?
  • Speed. Heavy electric scooters tend to be able to go faster. Unless you know how to ride a fast electric scooter, it can be dangerous.

The top 3 heaviest electric scooters

Dualtron X - 145.5 lbs

The heaviest electric scooter on the market, this bad boy clocks in at an impressive 145.5 lbs (70kg). It is not a portable scooter.

However, it is one of the fastest scooters you can buy, reaching speeds of up to 62 mph (100 km/h). PLUS it has the longest range in the world at 93 miles (150 km), on a single charge.

Did we mention it's also one of the most expensive electric scooters at just shy of $6500.

This is not a practical scooter for commuting by any stretch of the imagination. But if it's a fast, aggressive ride you're after, you're in luck.

With a front and rear suspension system, hydraulic brakes - dual disc brakes both front and rear, and MASSIVE 33 cm diameter, 13 cm wide pneumatic tires, this may be a heavy scooter, but the ride quality is second to none. You'd be forgiven to think you were floating along the road!

PLUS it has a maximum load capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg).

Kaabo Wolf King GT - 101.2 lbs

With a top speed of just under 100 km/h, a range of 88.6 km, this heavy duty electric scooter is a cost effective alternative to the Dualtron, without having compromise too much to save money.

It's the fastest production scooter money can buy. It's got the second longest range out of any scooter on the market, and it's perfect for any sized adult - big or small - with a maximum load capacity of up to 330 lbs.

Plus, its pneumatic tires are puncture proof. Literally, you can't puncture them. But again, like most electric scooters that are designed for off roading, this one is not portable. Yes, it's a folding electric scooter, but it's heavy, long, and awkward to carry. This isn't a scooter you can tuck under your desk or bring with you on the bus during rush hour.

NAMI Burn-E 2 - 100 lbs

The ride quality on this scooter is second to none, but it does have a slower top speed than the Dualtron at 70.5 km/h. And a reduced range at 85.8 km.

However, if you want a heavy scooter for some superlative off roading, at an affordable price, then this is the best electric scooter for the job. Plus, it's suitable for heavy riders with a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs.

It has Logan 2-piston hydraulic brakes and adjustable shock absorbers, meaning if you want to feel the road you can, but if you prefer a smooth ride, this is the only modern electric scooter that will let you adjust the suspension system.

But again, this weighty beast is not portable, not least because it doesn't have an easy folding stem. It's not going to fit in the trunk of your car, and you're not going to want to/be able to carry it long distances by yourself. This is not a commuting scooter.

Pros and cons of heavy duty electric scooters

A heavy duty electric scooter tends to be a powerful electric scooter. And powerful scooters pack a performance and a half.

If you're after a scooter that is great for off roading, and provides the power and durability suitable for covering long distances across any terrain, then a heavy duty electric scooter could be for you.

Benefits of heavy duty electric scooters

Heavy duty scooters aren't designed for your daily commute. They're powerful beasts to take you across any terrain. Plus, they're ideally suited for heavier riders. But that's not all.

Incredible maximum range

They travel further on a single charge because they have a bigger battery with a better battery life and larger capacity. If you're looking to cover distances in excess of 50 km on a single charge, a heavy duty scooter is probably what you need.

Impressive hill climbing ability and smooth ride

They're all terrain meaning they can withstand the rigors of dirt roads, foot paths, steep hills etc. Their puncture resistant pneumatic tires and superior suspension system makes them a comfortable ride on even the most uneven ground.

Best electric scooters for heavy adults

Where heavy riders might exceed the maximum weight capacity for your average electric scooter, they're more than welcome aboard heavy duty scooters.

Cons of heavy duty electric scooters

While heavy duty electric scooters have plenty of pros, their cons list is lengthy too. And the cons are the result of the pros. What do we mean? Well...

Heavy duty scooters are heavy

An incredibly powerful scooter is a heavier scooter. It has a such an impressive power output because it has a bigger motor and bigger battery. If you need a scooter to ride every day, that's convenient and portable, these aren't it. These scooters aren't portable. They're big and bulky and not the sort of thing you can tuck under your desk, or squeeze into the elevator.

Longer charging time

If you want a battery to give longer range, then you need a bigger battery, and bigger batteries take longer to charge. Where the average lightweight electric scooter battery takes between 4-6 hours to charge, heavy duty batteries can take between 6-12 hours.

Should I go for a light or a heavy electric scooter?

This is simple. What do you want to be able to do on your electric scooter?

If you want a great electric scooter with a top speed of 50+ km/h, and a range that will see you off road all day long, then a heavy scooter is for you.

That's not to say that heavy scooters aren't suitable as commuter scooters, they definitely are, because if you're a big dog, you don't want to limp along on a slimline frame, you want something powerful and designed to carry your weight.

If however you want a premium scooter, an extremely capable ride that will take you the last mile of your commute and home again, a heavy duty scooter probably won't meet your needs.

This is where you want to be doing your homework for the best lightweight electric scooters.

Where is the weight in a heavy electric scooter?

The frame

A heavy scooter is going to need a heavy duty frame. From a solid deck, to sturdy handlebars and stem, the bigger the scooter, the bigger and heavier the frame will be.

The battery

The majority of an electric scooter's weight will come from the battery. Most modern electric scooters have batteries that are made from lithium-ion and can weigh up to 40 lbs. The heavier the scooter, the larger the battery it will require to give it enough power to move it. Despite advances in battery technology, they still tend to be heavy and not particularly scaleable.

The motor

Motors vary in size, shape, and power output. A motor for a heavy duty scooter will require a larger more powerful motor, which will ultimately be heavier.


Electric scooters either have solid tires or pneumatic tires, but the bigger the scooter, the bigger the tires need to be to keep the scooter balanced. And bigger tires, whether solid tires or pneumatic tires, will weigh more.

Suspension system

Heavy scooters often come with a suspension system that is out of this world to guarantee a seamless journey. And that suspension system doesn't come in lightweight.

Why is weight important when choosing an electric scooter?

If you're not having to carry your scooter, then weight is unlikely going to feature on your list of requirements. However, if you're looking for a portable electric scooter that you can carry up the stairs, store easily under your desk or in a closet without taking up too much space, then weight should be your primary consideration.

A general rule of thumb is thus: if you want a powerful scooter that will get you where you need to go faster, that can climb hills, and has considerable range, then a heavier scooter is the way ahead.

But, if you're just after a scooter for the last mile of your commute that you can take in the elevator, haul up and down stairs, onto the bus or the underground, and store in your apartment closet, then the best electric scooter to meet your needs is going to be the lightest scooter you can get your hands on.

Something like the Unagi Model One, perhaps?

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