Folding Vs. Standing Electric Scooters

If you’ve ridden a rideshare electric scooter—or at least seen them lined up on street corners in your city—you’ve probably noticed that they aren’t especially designed for portability. Many scooters designed for rideshares are standing scooters, do not fold, are also quite heavy. So why would you buy a standing electric scooter instead of a folding electric scooter? The truth is you probably wouldn’t, since almost every electric scooter on the market has a folding mechanism that allows it to be carried and stored away.

But not all folding scooters are the same. Let’s look at some of the issues with different folding mechanisms and how they stack up against the Unagi electric scooter. With its patented one-click folding mechanism, the Unagi scooter is the easiest scooter on the market to fold on the go. Simply press a button and the stainless-steel hinge system folds and locks into place in one smooth motion. Once locked into place, Unagi’s stem and handlebars are firm and stable and not subject to what some call “stem wobble.”

Folding Mechanism

Stem wobble is when the stem of the scooter, the long bar between the deck and the handlebars, rocks back and forth when the scooter is unfolded, causing the vehicle to feel loose or unstable. This happens with both high- and low-end scooters due to poor folding mechanisms. While the folding mechanism may not be the first thing potential customers look at when considering an electric scooter, if they consider it at all, it is a very important part of the scooter’s operation. Unagi’s folding mechanism has the best reviews of the bunch.

Other folding scooters may involve multiple steps to fold up and have extra parts that can break and require replacing. Folding mechanisms often have exposed, external locking parts—levers or screws—that lock the stem into place when folded up or down. These parts can slip during operation or break entirely, rendering the scooter inoperable. Unagi locks into place when folded up or down without any additional steps, and all of the parts required for folding and locking are internal, so they aren’t subject to snagging on external objects and breaking.

Some folding scooters may further reduce their profile by offering folding handlebars as well. This can offer a slight advantage, but it also introduces extras steps that can make folding tedious and overcomplicated, making this feature inconvenient for quick transitions to other forms of transportation, such as subway, bus, or car. Folding handlebars also introduce new complications in the form of additional parts that can become stuck or broken and may not be repairable or replaceable.

Folded Shape

The shape of a scooter when folded also contributes significantly to its portability and profile when folded. Many electric scooters fold into a triangular shape, making them bulky, hard to manage, and difficult to store even when folded. Unagi’s 90-degree fold, on the other hand, gives it a super-low profile that makes it easy to carry and easy to store in a closet or the trunk of a car. Its folded shape makes it easy to carry on crowded public transit or slide under a desk at work. Unagi’s slim, tapered stem further enhances its portability, especially for riders with smaller hands.


Many folding scooters use plastic parts which are easily broken. While other parts of the scooter may be well-manufactured, it’s important to examine the materials of the folding mechanism to make sure they can stand the test of time. This is especially true if you’re planning to use an electric scooter for commuting and daily trips around town. Quality materials are a must for all moving parts, and Unagi’s use of high-quality carbon fiber, magnesium, and aluminum for its construction make it especially durable. These materials are highly resistant to rust and corrosion, and Unagi has an IP54 water resistance rating, meaning it can withstand frequent splashes and rain without any damage to its moving parts. No matter the conditions, Unagi will fold and unfold quickly and smoothly.


It’s especially important when choosing an electric scooter to understand the conditions of the warranty. Some electric scooter companies offer limited warranties on parts like the folding mechanism, others do not. Some warranties only cover defects in the folding mechanism and others will replace individual parts if the mechanism breaks during use or will replace the entire scooter. Read the warranty details carefully and compare them with others on offer. This is critical if the scooter has smaller, external parts that are subject to breakage from repeated use.

One of the principle advantages to choosing an Unagi electric scooter is that its warranty is the best on the market. This means that in the unlikely event that something should go wrong with the folding mechanism on your Unagi, you can return the scooter for a refund within thirty days, receive a new scooter within three months of ownership and a new or refurbished scooter within six months of ownership. No other electric scooter manufacturer offers this kind of comprehensive warranty on the entire scooter.


Standing scooters without a folding mechanism tend to be large, bulky, and heavy. They are ideal for ridesharing because they can handle a lot of abuse, but they are not very portable and aren’t great as a daily commuter if you want something you can easily carry and store. Most electric scooters on the market can fold in some way to make them more portable, but the way they fold can make all the difference. Folding scooters that involve multiple steps can be inconvenient and have external parts that are subject to breakage. By contrast, Unagi’s one-click folding mechanism makes folding and carrying the scooter hassle-free.

Folding scooters collapse into different shapes. Many folding scooters are triangular when folded, making them hard to carry on crowded public transit or store in small spaces. Unagi’s 90-degree fold makes it extra portable when folded down, and its small-diameter stem becomes a comfortable carrying handle. The materials used to construct folding scooters also play a significant role in their durability. Unagi’s high-quality carbon fiber, magnesium, and aluminum construction means it can stand up to daily use and won’t rust or corrode.

And finally, Unagi’s superior warranty means that if anything should go wrong with the folding mechanism, you won’t need to worry about finding replacement parts. While almost all electric scooters on the market have some kind of folding mechanism, not all scooters fold the same way. Remember to consider these questions when researching the best electric scooter for you: is it easy to fold? Does the electric scooter fold into a low-profile shape? Does the scooter use high-quality materials? Does the electric scooter have a comprehensive warranty that covers problems with the folding mechanism? In the case of the Unagi electric scooter, the answers are all yes.