Unagi X West Coast Customs: Ride A Work Of Art

We’re all obviously big nerds for electric scooters, micromobility, and electric vehicles in general. But being based in California (and recently releasing pattern and custom color rides), we also respect the long traditions of California custom car culture. Whether cruising up the PCH, navigating the interstate, or traversing wide expanses of wilderness, the Golden State loves expressing themselves through their choice of ride.

Perhaps no institution better illustrates the love of custom cars than West Coast Customs. Based in Southern California, WCC has been serving high-end customizations for Angelinos (and deep pocketed customers worldwide) since 1993. Their work has been featured on reality TV programs West Coast Customs and Pimp My Ride (hostd by rapper Xzibit) and boasts the patronage of celebrities such as Shaquille O’Neal, Sean Combs, and more. Most importantly, WCC embodies one of our favorite philosophies: that your ride should be a work of art.

Our man Todd recently had a chance to visit WCC headquarters and get an inside look at their operation. Afterwards, WCC founder Ryan Friedlinghaus and his son Ryan Jr. tried out our Model One electric scooter and gave us their assessments. Big thanks to the West Coast Customs guys for giving us an inside look at their amazing operation!


Ryan : Alright, let’s move out!

Ryan Jr.: Dope! They’re fast as… excuse my French, they’re fast as ! They zip, like… it pushes you back.

Ryan Jr.: Cool kickstand. I like the kickstand.

Ryan Jr.: They’re dope!

Ryan: You wanna cruise?

Ryan Jr.: They blast off!

Ryan: I know!

Ryan Jr.: And they last a long time!

Ryan: And they’re light!

Ryan: So what do you think? We could make a West Coast Customs edition one...