Unagi Scooters: The Musical

We've said it before, but here at Unagi we really do believe that freedom of movement means living more life. The opportunity to ditch a ride service, or avoid public transportation and navigate the city on your own terms is truly liberating. So how do we communicate that open air, free feeling you get riding an Unagi? By creating a music video, of course!

"Talking About" is a celebratory piece in which the simple act of riding your scooter across town to meet a couple of friends, inspires a whole range of positive feelings. Imagine, cruising down the road on your Unagi. You break into song. You celebrate the freedom you feel. It's catchy and you all end up performing an impromptu dance routine...kind of like High School Musical.

"Talking about blue skies. Talking about sunshine. Driving with the top down feeling free. Talking about you and me. Talking about smooth sailing on calm seas. Feeling all Flowers & Bees. Talking about you and me. Talking about, I'm talking about you and me."

So get out and ride your Unagi today. Unlock your inner joy. You may even be tempted to break into song and dance.