Introducing Unagi All-Access

New Yorkers and Angelenos can now get our revolutionary electric scooters for less than $10 a week and you won’t have to share with strangers.

Two years ago, our team set out on a quest to build the world’s finest portable electric scooter.

Until then, scooters were poorly-made, designed for ride-sharing and destined for a short (and often rough) life on the streets. We wanted a Tesla-quality electric scooter created for ownership, one that people would be proud to ride and happy to bring into their homes. That didn’t exist – so we built it ourselves.

The result is Unagi: a high-performance scooter with a minimal aesthetic, designed from the ground up to deliver an unbeatable combination of portability, power and agility, backed by the industry’s best full-service customer support.

We want riding an Unagi to feel like you’re riding a magic carpet. We give you the freedom to navigate city streets on your own terms, getting where you want to go a little faster, a little cheaper – and having a lot more fun.

Over the past year, we’ve been thinking a lot about how we could make Unagi accessible to anyone. We now sell thousands of Unagis a month, and sales have continued to climb even during the pandemic. But ownership isn’t for everyone: some people don’t want to make a big financial commitment. Others don’t want the hassles of dealing with repairs. Sometimes they’re worried about theft.

We see an opportunity to serve even more people by offering access to your own personal Unagi without the commitment (or expense) of actually *buying* it. This model is well-suited to today’s world: as cities re-open, people are rethinking how they get to the supermarket, the post office and the park. Data shows COVID-wary consumers are afraid of shared transportation, whether it’s the subway, an Uber or a shared scooter. They’re looking for safer alternatives.

This morning, we’re launching Unagi All-Access, an amazing service that gives people a new way to get their own Unagi, without any commitment. It’s designed to help people navigate cities with less risk (and more fresh air).

Starting today, customers in New York and Los Angeles can get access to Unagi for a flat monthly fee that includes maintenance and insurance for scooter theft or damage.

We offer two Unagi All-Access plans: a pay-as-you-go monthly plan for $39 per month (which subscribers can cancel at any time), and a discounted annual plan that works out to just $34 a month. You can get started for $89 or less, which covers the first month of service and an initial $50 setup fee.

Unagi All-Access is an attractive transit alternative for the budget-conscious: a $39 monthly subscription is one-third the cost of a 30-day unlimited-ride MetroCard pass in New York City, and less than half the cost of a 30-day Metro pass in Los Angeles. And it’s well below the cost of shared scooters and shared rides, which can cost $2.50 and up per trip; a 30-day Unagi subscription works out to just $1.30 *per day*.

How it works

Once you subscribe, we’ll deliver a fully-assembled Model One scooter to your door within 24 hours. You can ride it to your heart’s content as long as you’re subscribed. You’ll never need to wonder if your Unagi is clean, fully charged, or if the last rider was in good health. It will be there when you need it – always.

Your subscription guarantees maximum scoot-time. If you run into any maintenance trouble, we’ll resolve it with a replacement scooter in less than 24 hours. You can ride confidently knowing your subscription also includes full insurance against theft or damage. If you decide at any point that Unagi isn’t for you, no worries – give us a call and we’ll come pick it up.

For now, Unagi All-Access will be limited to customers in Los Angeles and New York. We plan to roll it out in additional markets as we gather customer feedback and refine the service.

A new era in personal transportation

We’re introducing our service in the midst of a massive shift in urban transportation. Cities around the world are building for a future that’s more about people and less about cars. And in record numbers, people are embracing personal transportation –both electric and people-powered– to safely navigate city streets. We’re excited to contribute to that shift with Unagi All-Access: it’s urban freedom at a ridiculously attractive price.