Unagi in France

Whether you live in the heart of Paris or the sun kissed shores of the Mediterranean, electric scooters can change the way you get around. Both urban commuting and zipping around your favorite Mediterranean town are made easier with micromobility, and Unagi is simply the best scooter on the market. Since 2020, we’ve offered a seamless ordering experience for our French customers, who enjoy free shipping anywhere in the country. You can also find our scooters at convenient retail locations across France.

David Hyman | CEO
Nicole Chammas | Director of Customer Service
Jeff Patton | Head of Product
Zack Wynegar | VP of Marketing and Growth
Mike Orme | Digital Product Lead
Masood Bukhari | Design Lead
TJ Compagnone | COO
Michael Johnson | Sales Director
Daniel Benhamo | Creative Producer
Jonathan Rosenbaum | CFO