Say Hello to Our Newest Color, Moss

Here at Unagi we believe that freedom of movement means living more life. That’s the idea behind everything we do. Riding the best designed scooter in the world liberates you from transportation frustrations—the costs, the inconveniences, and the carbon emissions. You can navigate your city on your own terms, getting where you want faster and cheaper, all while building a future that’s more about people and less about cars.

With this in mind, we’re proud to offer the Unagi Model One in Moss, our newest shade. Green is of course the color of nature and growth. A green light says go, and invites action. Our Moss green signals all that.

As well as a point of expression, paint is all about protecting your scooter. We don’t skimp on ours and feature three separate coats, including a laminate and a rust-proof highly abrasion resistant paint to handle the wear and tear of the road.

Getting out is more fun when you can express yourself. Maybe your own path needs a little Moss.