Happy Earth Day

Cities freed from cars, costs, and pollution. A world where there’s more time to enjoy the people and places you love.

We’re part of a micro-mobility revolution. Transportation is blossoming into a world of greater choice, efficiency, and multiple modalities. We’re heading in the direction of cities becoming more human-centered and livable. A future where streets are no longer completely hijacked by automobiles.

Unagi is a step up to a brighter future. A growing sense of liberation. The tingle of new possibilities opening up. Like suddenly getting electricity, with easy-to-use transportation at their fingertips, people’s lives get a transformative jolt. Goodbye drudgery. Adios barriers. Freedom of movement means the freedom to be who you want to be. Life is suddenly full of places to go, people to meet. And there’s never been a more exciting way to get there.

Happy Earth Day from Unagi.