The Unagi Model Eleven in More Detail

We are still amazed by the number of pre-orders for the Model Eleven. As we get closer to delivery dates, it’s especially gratifying because the design of the Model Eleven gets to the heart of what drives us.

It’s 2022, and the world needs better options

As a company we’re not selling this year’s trend, but building a future we want to live in. We believe the future of scooters is the future of personal transportation, and we work hard to live up to our vision.

Where scooters are going

We’re big fans of electric scooters as they are, but we’re also passionate about what they should be. What the experience of them should be. Better to ride, easier to own, and an empowering fit into your life.

Three main things all scooter designs have to balance: portability, power, and comfort. One way to look at these is as trade-offs. But the Model Eleven pushes hard against all of them. We want to get rid of any trade-offs and make the world’s best way of getting around. Along the way we integrate a set of features unlike any other scooter.

The lightest full suspension electric scooter

By being the first two-wheel device to use long carbon composite, a space age material, the Model Eleven is much lighter than any other full suspension scooter. We used it in the whole frame—from handlebars to forks—and that makes this scooter both easy to carry, and easy to ride.

With Model Eleven’s highly tuned, elastomer-based suspension system, bumpy, uncomfortable rides from cobblestones, broken roads, and potholes become a distant memory. Comfortable agile riding equals longer, safer riding.

Integrated audio system with Google turn-by-turn directions

We partnered with Google to develop scooter-first directions, which are integrated in the Unagi app for iOS and Android. Make your commute more efficient, find a new route, and explore unknown corners of your city like a pro.

Advanced Driver Assist system

Safety is important to us and crucial for the future of micromobility. The Model Eleven is the only two-wheel consumer vehicle with an integrated ADAS sensor to detect objects in your periphery and warn of impending dangers. It can identify a stop sign, stop light, person, car, and inanimate object and deliver audio and visual alerts.

Removable, hot-swappable battery

Range anxiety is an awful thing, so we eliminated it. Now you can buy extra batteries, throw them in your backpack and ride as long as you like.

Dual motor design

Unagi’s Model One—sold by the thousands each month worldwide—has built a reputation as the “billy goat” of electric scooters due to its incredible torque. Model Eleven is no different. We’re bringing the same dual-motor design we built our reputation on and pairing it with unmatched acceleration plus superior hill-climbing abilities.

Motion sensor with alarm

The first line of defense is stopping perpetrators in their tracks. Model Eleven includes a motion sensor and alarm to deter thieves.

GPS tracking & remote kill ability

The second line of defense in protecting your scooter is our GPS tracking and remote kill feature. If your scooter gets into the wrong hands, track its location using the Unagi mobile app and kill the engine remotely. The whereabouts of your scooter can be shared with the police for recovery.

Puncture proof, hot-swappable tires

Other scooters have air- or foam- filled tires, which provide some cushioning, but if they pop, you’re plumb out of luck—no bike shop or manufacturer will fix the tires, rendering your scooter useless. Model Eleven on the other hand was designed with the world’s first hot-swappable, foam filled tires (patent pending). This means our tires provide all the benefits of foam, including supreme comfort and puncture resistance—plus they detach like cartridges, making replacement seamless.

Listen to the playlist of your life

After adding the integrated audio system for turn-by-turn directions, crash warnings, and theft prevention, we wondered why you shouldn’t have the ability to listen to your music over bluetooth. Model Eleven is where aural bliss meets rider’s bliss.

A total experience

All of these features are terrific. Truly groundbreaking. But it’s how they come together that really excites us. We aim for a ride where the total experience is greater than even the most advanced features. The main point is how everything fits together and functions as the ride that gets you out, get you around, and helps you live your best life. Those of us that have experienced the prototypes can assure you, the Unagi Model Eleven does all that and more.

A trusted brand

Unagi sells thousands of its existing scooters Model One scooters around the world every month, and it can be found in the best electronic stores—from Best Buy in the United States, to Currys in the U.K., and JB Hi-Fi in Australia. There are countless reviews heralding Model One as the best portable electric scooter. Model One will always be the foundation of our line-up, and continue to be the the most affordable entry point into the Unagi family.